Lind Harley-Davidson – Layout Designer
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Lind Harley-Davidson Magazine Cover

Lind Harley-Davidson

Lind Harley-Davidson is a UK dealership selling bikes and merchandise. They also organise a range of events for their clients and bike enthusiasts.

I was contacted by the Harley-Davidson dealership to put together a winter catalogue for their customers. This was to be distributed digitally so it was designed without the restrictions of printed paper. The catalogue featured a range of Christmas gift ideas, details of upcoming events and tours, and news articles.

Based around the theme Dreamin’ of a Black Christmas I used black pages with lighter coloured text, and the traditional Harley-Davidson fonts and colours.

Lind Harley-Davidson Service
Lind Harley-Davidson Gifts For Him
Lind Harley-Davidson Wishlist
Lind Harley-Davidson Intro
Lind Harley-Davidson Events Calendar
Lind Harley-Davidson Gifts For All

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