Driven By Health – Layout Designer
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Driven by Health


Driven By Health provides its readers with the newest and most up to date information for the health and care home sector.

I began designing for Driven By Health in July 2016 after being contacted by the publishers through this website. The magazine already had a strong identity with an elegantly refined aesthetic. Since joining I have been designing with that in mind, making subtle tweaks and adjustments here and there, and setting each page in a way that stays true to the brand while looking fresh and new.

Driven By Health is distributed in print format throughout the UK and available digitally through their website

Driven By Health Front Cover

“Chris has been designing Driven by health with care for over a year, I have to say the past five years I have worked with other designers. He is the most creative, providing you give him enough time, he is also the most accommodating and flexible.
I am looking to use his services again on my second publication, I feel he is dynamic enough to see the best way forwards to put any type of magazine or advertising to the public at the highest standard.
What ever he works on, the magazines image always moves up a level which I am truly grateful for. Thank you for your services and great work.

Shaun Staniforth, Publisher
Driven by Health with Care

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