Blues Matters – Layout Designer
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Blues Matters!


Blues Matters! brings the best of the blues to its readers all over the world.

I took over art direction of the magazine in September 2015 and through the course of my time with Blues Matters! I have adapted and refined the design style of the magazine adding my own flair while remaining true to the identity of the publication.

Blues Matters! is distributed in print format worldwide including UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, Russia, Africa and Australia. It is also available in digital format through Exact Editions.

Blues Matters Issue 100 Magazine Cover Design

“Chris came to us in September 2015 to take over as our Design Manager in a role that he has made his own. Guided to us by our outgoing Designer he took on our popular title and has settled in well and adapted, grown used to and gently adapted our style. He has proved to be very efficient and proactive.

I do ask our team to speak their thoughts and input ideas and he has done so. He is a valued team member who has shown good design values and skills and an eye for the pages he creates and interacts with our other key team members and leaders.

I am very happy with the work that he does for us and we have discussed and tried out his ideas while adapting and retaining original key brand items that our clients and readers expect and like. Deadlines are always met.”

Alan Pearce, Editor
Blues Matters! Magazine

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