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Bespoke Magazine Design


t is my passion to create beautiful layouts for magazines, so let me help with yours. I have experience across a range of genres and enjoy the challenges associate with each. With my service I can provide a design tailored for your brand, either as a one-off or part of an ongoing contract. I am a confident designer and can assist with the launch/re-launch of a magazine, or take over from an existing designer using existing templates. Get in contact today to discuss your magazine and how I can be of service. No project is too big or too small.

A sample of recent work

Here are just some of the reasons you should consider a professional designer for your publication:

  • Magazine design is a lengthy process. Setting the text and working with the images and playing around with the placement of these takes time. By getting a designer to take care of this for you, you are freeing up your own time to focus on other areas. All you need to do is provide the copy and images (although I can help source these if needed).
  • A designer will create a template defining all the styles and grid layouts for the magazine – this includes paragraph and character styles for type such as headings, body copy, captions and footnotes etc. The grid layout will determine how many columns will be used, the margins, baseline and so on. The purpose of this template is to ensure consistency throughout the magazine and all the issues that follow, which will help strengthen the brand identity.
  • Magazines will be designed in InDesign, the software of choice for most designers, which create a professional finish with print in mind. InDesign is part of the Adobe family and integrates with Photoshop and Illustrator for image processing. There is also the option to use InCopy for editors.
  • Typography is crucial in print design, and attention is given to tracking and kerning, baseline shifting, styling (I use New Hart’s Rules). It’s not just a matter of copying and pasting text, everything should be read through and adjusted as needed to ensure a pleasant experience for the reader.
  • Image management is equally important. A lot of the time images won’t be suitable for print, or they may need some processing to be ready for printing. A designer will take care of this and be able to advise on image choice or where those provided aren’t suitable.

featured work

Blues Matters! represents all shades and directions of the Blues with all the enthusiasm it deserves. Blues Matters! brings a wide-range of Blues topics to its readers in a neat and portable format being available in print, digital and  branded app forms.





Why Layout Designer?

Chris is an absolute delight to work with – nothing is too much trouble for him, deadlines are always met and he is refreshingly flexible and proactive in his approach to our many design requirements.

Emily Hough, Crisis Response Journal

There are many graphic designers out there who offer magazine design as part of a wider range of services, including logo design, website design etc. I’ve always believed that focusing on a niche rather than being a jack-of-all-trades develops greater skill in that particular area. I live for magazine design. When I’m not working on a client’s project, I’m scanning magazines on the shelves looking for new ideas, or watching tutorials online to further my skills. If you are looking for someone to design your magazine, then I am the person for you. I am very dedicated to my work as all my clients would attest to, and I believe I offer an excellent level of service. If there are ever any problems I work tirelessly to make sure they are resolved.


My most recent InDesign magazine templates available for purchase and download.


36 pages of A4 editorial layout designs with cover, suited for a men’s lifestyle or fashion magazine.


44 pages of A4 editorial layout designs with cover, designed to be a perfect all-rounder suited for most magazine styles.

Features and Benefits

  • I work exclusively on magazine design. I dedicate 100% of my working time to designing magazines. It is not something I dabble in, splitting my time between this and other branches of graphic design. Therefore you get someone who is focussed and knowledgeable about this particular field of design.
  • I subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud meaning my software is always up-to-date with the latest version. I have access to all the latest features while working on your magazine. I also have access to free fonts from Adobe Typekit to use in your publication.
  • One fixed price for your project. Once we’ve worked out the details I’ll give you one price for all the design work per issue so you can help budget the cost.

I have worked on a range of different genres of magazine and enjoy the challenges each has to offer. I will equally adapt for yours to create something unique yet appropriate.

Chris has been designing Driven by health with care for over a year, I have to say the past five years I have worked with other designers. He is the most creative, he is also the most accommodating and flexible.

Shaun Staniforth, Driven by Health

If you would like more information on my service or wish to request a quotation, please get in contact with me.



If you are looking for a magazine designer and require further information, have a question to ask or would like to find out about pricing for your project, do get in touch!


I am a freelance magazine designer also specialising in books and brochures for digital and print audiences. Based in Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

Ever since childhood I’ve had a keen interest in art and design, and over the years this has developed into a passion for layout work where I enjoy the everyday challenges of coming up with new ways to bring the page to life.